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Southern Okra Salad + Tempeh 'Bacon' + Corn Muffin.jpeg

Elevate Your Plate with Plant-Powered Delights

Chef-made, delicious meals prepared right here in Bellingham, Washington. 

Sign up once, pickup weekly, be nourished daily.

Get nourishing, plant-based meals that fit your schedule.

Nourish Your Body While Saving Time

Plantage is a weekly, meal subscription service offering ready to eat, nutritionally sound meals. We offer fully prepared meals with exciting flavors, textures, colors, and nutrients. Our plating and heating instructions provide a fine-dining experience right in your own kitchen.

Hand-Crafted, Eco-Friendly, Ready-to-Eat Meals

We're eco-conscious, using compostable packaging and reusable InstaCrates to minimize waste. We recycle, compost kitchen scraps, and prioritize earth-friendly practices. As a local business, we're deeply connected to the community, and our personal touch sets us apart from distant, machine-operated meal-box companies.

Support Local ~ Bellingham, WA

 Plantage is housed in a modern, commercial kitchen in the heart of the Sunnyland neighborhood. Our produce is sourced through many of the same suppliers as the Bellingham Food Co-Op, and we're proud to serve and sustain our local community!

How It Works

Select Your Plan

Whether you just need a few portions each week, or have a whole crew to feed, our flexible options have you covered. With easy online customization, we have plans to fit your needs.

Curated Culinary Magic

Chef Chris crafts a unique menu each week, featuring fresh recipes as well as rotating favorites. With diverse textures, flavors, and inspirations, you'll never be bored!

Convenient Pickup

Pick up once, enjoy all week. In less time than a grocery run, you'll have fully prepared meals ready for you and your family to enjoy. Located in the Sunnyland neighborhood of Bellingham, WA, we make it easy to to cross one more thing off your to-do list.

Savor & Share

This is the fun part - enjoy your delicious meals! Never wonder "what's for dinner?" again. Relish each bite and share your experience with friends!  Repeat each week for maximum satisfaction. ☻ 

BBQ Jackfruit + Mac Salad + Slaw.jpeg
"We found our grocery shopping is down to minimal and it’s cheaper than our weekly shopping can’t argue with that."

Bobbie, 1+ year client

Zoodles + Pesto + Fava.jpeg
"Plantage makes my house the best restaurant in Bellingham every night of the week!"

Deidra, 3 year client

Yellow Curry + Flatbreads.jpeg
"Chef Chris is AMAZING! We love all of her meals!"


Veggie Boil + Garlic-Herb Butter.jpeg
"Really healthy and delicious meals. Very creative!"


A Glimpse of What's Cooking

Your Plantage journey awaits!


Zoodles + Pesto + Fava.jpeg



  • 3 Entees

  • 2 Portions of each entree

  • 6 Portions total




  • 3 Entrees

  • 4 Portions of each entree

  • 12 Portions total



Family Size

  • 3 Entrees

  • 6 Portions of each entree

  • 18 Portions total



Mache Salad.jpeg

The Plantage Pledge

We are local. We are from this community and are vested in this community. There is a face behind each meal that you pickup and you can see our smile each week you come in for your meals. 

We are stewards of the earth. Our meals are packaged in compostable containers and transported in reusable InstaCrates, eliminating the mounds of trash and recycling that is typical of most other meal services. 

We are experts. Our meals are expertly crafted by Chef Chris to bring you exciting flavors, contrasting textures, vibrant colors and a plethora of nutrients. 

Start Your Plant-Powered Adventure

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