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The Nitty Gritty

We are always happy to answer your questions via text, phone or email. Below are some FAQ's to get you started.

  • How often does the menu change?
    Our menus change every week! You normally will not see the same entree fro 3-4 months on the Chef’s Menu. We do run some of our client favorites more frequently as alternate entrees should you choose them. As we strive to create nutritionally dense meals, we look to the season to craft our menus based on what is coming in locally and in our greater region.
  • Are the meals ready to serve?
    Fridge to table in 5 minutes! Yes, our meals are fully cooked and come with reheating and plating instructions so that you can plate up a meal that looks and tastes like it came straight from a high-end restaurant. Occasionally there will be a meal that reheats better in the oven than the microwave, which of course extends the preparation time a bit. We will always mention this in the instructions and leave you with the option for a quick microwave reheating or a slightly better, but longer, oven method.
  • Is there a soy-free option?
    No, we do not offer a soy free option. We utilize tofu, tempeh and soy curls in some of our recipes and strive to keep their appearance to one dish a week, utilizing nuts, seeds and legumes as alternative protein sources. It may not always be possible to crate a weekly box completely free of soy as we use very small amounts of tamari in several recipes that otherwise do not contain soy. If you can handle small amounts of soy, you should always be able to put together a relatively soy-free menu. Additionally, if soy is used as the protein source of the entree, it is usually left on the side, so if you were sharing the meal with others, you could still partake, sans soy.
  • Why do your meals stay fresher longer?
    We have put a lot of time and effort into crafting recipes that hold well over time. Our recipes use far less oil, no animal protein and no dairy. We package components separately in airtight containers, ensuring that they are sealed for freshness. Additionally, sauces, dressings and garnishes are always left on the side so that the meals taste and feel freshly prepared each time you combine them. We also invested in top of the line commercial equipment that helps us to lock in and preserve the nutritional value and quality of our meals. We extensively use a large steam oven to gently cook our grains and vegetable. A high temp, high fan convection oven allows us to quickly crisp items such as tofu and potatoes using far less oil and overall cooking time than traditional methods. Perhaps most significant, is the addition of our Blast Chiller, which allows us to take steaming hot vegetable out of our ovens and bring them down do a fully chilled temperature in a matter of minutes. This rapid cooling not only helps to extend the shelf life, it also helps to retain the vital nutrients in each ingredient.
  • Can I request modifications?
    Unfortunately, we are not able to honor personalized menu requests within our business model. If you are interested in our meals but feel like they wouldn’t meet your dietary restrictions, I encourage you to reach out directly and share your thoughts with us as we are always eager for feedback and willing to work towards a more inclusive model as our business grows.
  • What kind of food do you make?
    We travel the globe. From Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Jamaican, Italian, Creole, you name it! We believe in eating the rainbow and exploring the amazing flavors that so many cultures have brought us. Sometimes our meals are a vegan take an a traditional dish and sometimes they are something that we crafted entirely from a thought. You will always find our Chef’s Menus to be well balanced in nutrition, flavor profile and textures.
  • Are your meals organic?
    We strive towards organic when possible. Some ingredients are not possible to source organically, or sometimes are a lesser quality than their conventional counterpart. We source the majority of our produce form Charlies Produce, which is a highly respected supplier of local organic produce. We are also proud members of the Community Food Coop and purchase some specialty items or smaller quantities there.
  • Is there a Gluten Free option?
    Technically, no. However, we have switched our soy sauce to tamari, which has instantly made 80% of our menu gluten free. Because our focus in on getting as many vegetable onto your plate as possible, we do not rely heavily on carbs or starchy sides as fillers. If there is an item on the Chef’s menu that is not Gluten Free, there will always be an Alternate Entree that you may choose as a replacement. Additionally, many of our entrees that contain gluten only have gluten in a small component of the dish, such as croutons for a soup or salad. As these items are always packaged separately, it would be easy to self-modify many of the dishes to be gluten free. We are always fully transparent about the ingredients in our dishes and are currently working to get all of our data in the system so that you can see EXACTLY what goes in each dish.
  • How long do the meals stay fresh?
    The Washington State Health Department advises tossing all prepared food after 4 days. That said, our meals are designed to stay fresh, nutritionally sounds and delicious for 6 days. This allows you to enjoy your meals throughout the week until you return for your next weekly box.
  • Is there an oil-free option?
    Due to the plant-forward nature and unique cooking methods that we utilize, our foods are much lower in fat that what you would traditionally find in a restaurant or food service company. Rather than deep frying or pan frying, we use a high powered convection oven with a very small a mount of oil to achieve the same, and often better, results. We use 100% organic olive oil for the majority of our cooking, avocado oil for high-temp cooking, organic coconut oil for baking and sesame oil for seasoning. Many of our meals are naturally low in added oils. That said, we do utilize naturally occurring fats such as coconut milk, avocados, seeds and nuts.
  • Do you provide nutritional information?
    We have the ability to produce a full nutritional panel built into our operating system. It is currently in the works as there is a LOT of data to upload and we are looking forward to being able to share the information for each meal as soon as we can get it completed.
  • Do you use processed foods?
    We are a 100% from scratch kitchen. Always have been. Always will be. Our passion is real food, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The only ingredients that you will find in our pantry that could be considered processed are items like chili paste, tamari, worstechire, mustard and such. We are firm believers in whole-foods and will never sacrifice quality for convenience.
  • How do I pronounce Plantage?
    Similar to ‘cabbage’, Plantage is pronounced plant*uhj
  • Is Plantage local?
    Absolutely! Located at 2138 Grant Street, Plantage is housed in a modern, commercial kitchen in the heart of the Sunnyland neighborhood. We are easily accessed from I-5 and are just a short drive from downtown. Stop by anytime and say hi to the chefs who hand-craft each and every Plantage meal.
  • How are you different from other meal-box companies?
    Plantage meals are fully prepared and ready to heat and eat. We are not talking about a one-pot meal here. Our meals are expertly crafted to bring you exciting flavors, contrasting textures, vibrant colors and a plethora of nutrients. All meals come with plating instructions so that you can sit down to a meal that will instantly transport you to a fine-dining restaurant. At Plantage, we are stewards of the earth. Our meals are packaged in compostable containers and transported in reusable InstaCrates, eliminating the mounds of trash and recycling that is typical of most other meal services. We compost ALL of our kitchen scraps, recycle everything that we possibly can, including plastic film, purchase earth-friendly cleaning products for our entire kitchen, and practice cooking methods that make the most of every product that we buy. It’s our way of helping to replenish the earth that continues to nourish us. We are local. We are from this community and are vested in this community. There is a face behind each meal that you pickup and you can see it’s smile each week you come in for your meals. Many meal-box companies opporate out of a single factory, states away, where machines do the cheffing, trucks do the delivering and you are left to wonder about the quality, integrity and safety of the food at your front door.
  • Why is Plantage more expensive than other big-name meal-box companies?
    The pricing may be slightly more than you would find in a mass produced, nationally sourced food service company. When you come to our kitchen, you will meet our staff who work diligently to bring you and your family the best quality food we can get our hands on. You can see for yourself the time, care and dedication that goes into each any every meal that walks out of our door. We pride ourself in our product and it’s ability to nourish your body and enable you to reclaim life’s precious commodity of time. We believe strongly in the values that Plantage is built on and we think that those values are worth the little extra. While we strive to keep our meals as affordable as possible because we think that everyone should be able to enjoy amazing nutritious food, there is no denying that with increased quality comes increased price. Organic ingredients, local farms and venders, compostable packaging, earth-friendly cleaning products, and true living-wages represent some of the values that we stand behind. We think that once you experience Plantage, you will stand with us.
  • Who is Plantage?
    Plantage was born from Plants 2 Plates, a local personal-chef service created by Chris Wilson and cheffed by herself and Abigail Bruno. After over 3 years of providing in-home chef services to private clients, the decision was made to create a new business that could reach more people and make a greater difference within the community.
  • What is Plantage?
    Plantage is a weekly, meal subscription service offering ready to eat, nutritionally sound meals that are designed to tantalize your taste buds, nourish your body and keep you fueled for your busy life.
  • Why plant-based?
    In short, for health. It’s widely accepted that incorporating more plants into your diet in the form of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes has a tremendous impact on your personal health. It’s not just our personal health that is at stake. Animal agribusiness and dairy farming are huge contributors to our growing climate crisis. Becoming less dependent on these food sources for our everyday meals is a step on the right direction for both our bodies and the planet.
  • What if I have company visiting?
    We love when our subscribers are able to share their favorite foods with family and friends! You can always modify your subscription to raise (or lower) the quantity of meals your are receiving. Again, just log-on by the deadline of 10pm Thursday night.
  • Do you deliver?
    Dropping off meal boxes, while perhaps convenient at first glance, does create some issues. First, is the packaging. The amount of packaging to ensure that the food stays at the proper temperatures is significant. We strive to be as green as possible in all of our practices and just couldn’t justify the amount of insulation and cold-packing that is necessary to ensure food safety. Additionally, we take great care to properly chill and store our foods to ensure the best quality and longest shelf-life possible. The time spent in transit and waiting on your doorstep would significantly affect this quality.
  • Do I have to submit a new order every week?
    Your subscription will auto-renew each week at 10pm on Thursday night for the upcoming week. An order will be generated with the upcoming Chef’s Menu entrees. If you are happy with the Chef’s Menu Entrees you do not need to do a thing. If you would like to make any adjustments to the menu such as choosing an alternate, you would need to log-on before the deadline to make the adjustments to your oder.
  • Can I purchase a gift subscription for a friend?
    Yes! Gift cards are a wonderful gesture for friends who may be going through a difficult time, welcoming a new baby into the house, newly moved into town, trying to reclaim their health or simply looking for a reliable source of healthy, weeknight meals. We can set up a card in any amount you choose.
  • What is my commitment?
    All we ask is that you dive into each bite with an open mind! No commitment necessary. When you sign-up for a subscription, it will auto-renew every subsequent week unless you pause or cancel your subscription, which you can do at any time.
  • What if I will be out of town?
    The order deadline is always Thursday night at 10pm for the upcoming week. If you will not be needing meals for the upcoming week, simply log-on and pause your subscription. Your subscription will stay paused until you log-on and choose to reactivate.
  • How do I choose my menu?
    Each week a new Chef’s Menu is created offering you a carefully curated menu designed to balance nutrition, flavor, style and textures. Your subscription will auto-default to this menu every week. No need to do a thing. If you would like to modify your menu by choosing an Alternate Entree, or perhaps a double batch of a favorite menu item then you simply log-on and make the swaps before the order deadline. The next week, your menu will again auto-default back to the new Chef’s Menu unless you make changes again. This allows you the option to ‘set it and forget it’. If you enjoy a wide variety of foods and do not have dietary restrictions this is a great route to go.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    Absolutely! There is no minimum number of weeks required for a subscription. If you want to cancel for any reason you are always able to do so. Simply log-on before 10pm on Thursday night of the preceding week to cancel.
  • How do I receive my meals?
    When you sign up for your subscription you choose a date for pickup. You may pickup your box of meals anytime during business hours on that day, 9am-6pm. If your schedule changes for a week, you can log-on in advance and change your pickup date ahead of time. Additionally, you may always pickup your box on the following day, just know that you will be losing 1 day of it’s shelf-life on your end.
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