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Sign up once, pick up weekly, be nourished daily.

Get nourishing, plant-based meals that fit your schedule.

Nourish Your Body While Saving Time

Plantage is a weekly, meal subscription service offering ready to eat, nutritionally sound meals. We offer fully prepared meals with exciting flavors, textures, colors, and nutrients. Our plating and heating instructions provide a fine-dining experience right in your own kitchen.

Hand-Crafted, Eco-Friendly, Ready-to-Eat Meals

We're eco-conscious, using compostable packaging and reusable InstaCrates to minimize waste. We recycle, compost kitchen scraps, and prioritize earth-friendly practices. As a local business, we're deeply connected to the community, and our personal touch sets us apart from distant, machine-operated meal-box companies.

Support Local ~ Bellingham, WA

 Plantage is housed in a modern, commercial kitchen in the heart of the Sunnyland neighborhood. Our produce is sourced through the same suppliers that the Bellingham Food Co-Op uses, and we're proud to serve and sustain our local community!

BBQ Jackfruit + Mac Salad + Slaw.jpeg
"We found our grocery shopping is down to minimal and it’s cheaper than our weekly shopping can’t argue with that."

Bobbie, 1+ year client

Zoodles + Pesto + Fava.jpeg
"Plantage makes my house the best restaurant in Bellingham every night of the week!"

Deidra, 3 year client

Yellow Curry + Flatbreads.jpeg
"Chef Chris is AMAZING! We love all of her meals!"


Veggie Boil + Garlic-Herb Butter.jpeg
"Really healthy and delicious meals. Very creative!"


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