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Vegetable 'Fried' Quinoa and Giant Pot-Sticker

Contains: gluten, sesame, soy

A healthier take on traditional fried rice. Cabbage, celery, carrots, corn, broccoli, edamame, and green onions are stir-fried with fresh garlic and ginger, splashed with tamari, and tossed with quinoa and scrambled tofu 'egg'. Served with an oversized vegetable potsticker filled with minced shiitake and veggies. GLUTEN: potsticker wrapper contains gluten.

Ingredients: cabbage, celery, carrot, edamame beans, broccoli, ginger, garlic, tamari, green onions, corn kernels, quinoa, tofu, turmeric, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, salt, pepper, avocado oil, wheat, potsticker, shiitake mushroom


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